The highly anticipated Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight finally arrives this Sunday, February 26 and not only are fight fans and doubters eager to see what happens, but some of boxing’s biggest names are getting their predictions.

The influencer turned professional boxer and younger. Rage brother both have talked a lot leading up to the fight, the buildup to which appears to have been significantly dragged out as a result of multiple cancellations and reshuffles thanks to last-minute injuries, visa issues, etc.

However, the pair have now reached the point of no return and having had the official showdown, the boxing world must now decide who is going to win. As expected, Tommy’s older brother Tyson is supporting the family, but finally admitted that jake can, in fact, fight.

However, the ‘Gypsy King’ still believes that “Tommy 100% is going to win” and even believes it will be a knockout victory.

Although it’s clear there is now an acceptance among the Fury camp that Paul’s younger brother can and has been fighting professionally for some time, Tyson cautioned: “I don’t think I can beat a Fury, no.”

He also went on to say that he’s “very proud” of his brother for putting on a proper main event like this, adding that he’s “always believed in himself” even as a little kid. As for the other Tyson present for the fight in Saudi Arabia, ‘Iron Mike’ had a different take on who he thinks will best him.

like a real boxing Legend and global sports icon, many might have assumed that Mike Tyson would be quite resistant to the advent of celebrities and rising influencers within the discipline, but having shown that he is serious about this after six consecutive victories, he is clearly convinced that ‘Kid Dynamite’.

The 56-year-old admitted that while he hasn’t seen Tommy Fury fight before, he said: “I don’t think I can beat Jake Paul.” He also believes the 26-year-old is only “getting better as he fights,” insisting that “someone’s getting knocked out… someone 0 has to go.”

On the other hand, while both fighters are currently undefeated in their fledgling careers, Fury boasts just two more wins than Paul, and Tyson believes he is “the biggest name in boxing right now, other than heavyweights.” , people like Derek Chisora can’t seem to decide what the fight means.

Despite initially saying IFL TV While he believes Paul “will get knocked out…while getting paid” (a suspicion many have raised given all the hype thus far), Chisora ​​recently named the American the favorite, but still feels all stances could be yours drop.

Talking with him MirrorHe said: “All the odds are in Jake’s favor and everything, all the fans are saying ‘Jake, Jake, Jake.’ But I have a feeling that Jake could be stopped by Tommy, but if that happens, then ‘oh wow’.”

Also, it seems he is more concerned about what a win for Paul would mean for boxing in general after the WBC said he would win a ranking if he beats Fury. Chisora ​​noted that “it’s hard enough for real athletes, real boxers to get those rankings” and the rules should not be changed for the sake of money.

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These are just a few of the boxers who have given their Paul vs Fury predictions and apart from the result, it seems many inside and outside the industry can’t decide if it’s good for the sport or not.

What do you think and who do you think will win the W on Sunday?

You can check out highlights from the final match pre-match press conference and a rather fierce showdown below:

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Featured Image: BT Sport/Boxing Social (via Twitter)/Jake Paul (via IG)


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