London runs a postcode lottery when it comes to life expectancy, with children born in some areas predicted to live eight years longer than others. Babies born in the parliamentary constituencies of Bethnal Green and Bow, Dagenham and Rainham, or Erith and Thamesmead will live an average of 80 years, according to new research from Health Equals.

That’s the lowest life expectancy of any part of the capital, and it’s a calculated aggregate of men and women. Meanwhile, in the Cities of London and Westminster constituencies, the average life expectancy is 88 years, a gap of eight years, which is not only the highest in London, but also the highest of any constituency. from United Kingdom.

Research has shown a stark contrast in the health and well-being of Londoners depending on where they live. Experts have found that poor air quality and poor mental health disproportionately affect people with lower incomes, with Mayor Sadiq Khan saying after a 2017 investigation that it was “unacceptable that wealth, background and a person’s ZIP code have such a major impact on their overall health. .

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Some parts of London die eight years before others(Image: Getty)

Of those areas, several are recognized as the poorest communities in London, with almost half of the children living in the Barking and Dagenham boroughs living in poverty. Whilst a vibrant multi-cultural community, it is home to the UK’s largest public property and an estimated four in 10 people in the area are in fuel shortage.

While his council has desperately tried to alleviate its poverty crisis by launching a cost-of-living alliance, nearly one in four residents have less than £100 saved. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that of the borough’s 100 residents, 49 were among the 20 per cent most income deprived in England.

Several of its main streets are dominated by local supermarkets, independent butchers and takeaways, and a research director for Kosy Co Living previously told MyLondon that the area was one of the least gentrifying in London. While new housing developments have sprung up and transport links have improved, Dagenham has lagged behind in terms of quality of life, with higher levels of poverty and crime.


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