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    Man found dead in a York suburb

    ByMonelo Gabriel

    Mar 22, 2023


    An injured seal moaned after being stranded in the harbor for more than 24 hours

    An injured seal was left moaning after being stranded on the cobbles of a harbor for more than 24 hours. Heartbreaking video shows fisherman Kit Gallagher approaching the poor creature “crying out for help” after the tide washed it ashore. Kit, 50, found the young seal when he was checking her boat in Bridlington Harbour, York, and notified the nearby Sea Life Center of the discovery. He returned to the scene the next day to find the vulnerable animal had still not moved from the cobblestones and was still in distress. Kit said: “I came to the harbor to check my boat and a friend told me there was a seal on the south slope and it didn’t look too good and he thought it had a bad fin.” I called Scarborough. Sea Life and told them where it was. “I came back at 8am the next morning to find it still there and made an update video as I had thousands of people asking for an update. I was told a call had already been made to the Sea Life Center so I went to home”. and he came to check a few hours later. “When I got back the seal was gone and I was told the seal rescue had been with her all afternoon. Someone in the harbor told me they had taken her, I think the seal arrived that morning at low tide.” coming up.” British Divers Marine Life Rescue was called to the scene, but the seal was gone by the time they arrived. A spokesman for the charity said: “We did not collect this seal, but we did collect another one which we kept overnight and then released to the day. next.” It’s a busy time of year for seals on the east coast as they regularly rest on beaches and in harbours. The charity added: “If you find a seal on a beach, watch it from a distance. Do not approach the animal. “Seals regularly roam our shorelines, it is part of their normal behavior and, in fact, they spend more time out of the water, digesting their food and resting than in it. Therefore, finding a seal on the beach does not necessarily mean that there’s a problem and don’t chase it out to sea, as this may prevent it from doing what it’s supposed to do: rest.”A healthy seal should be left alone.”They concluded that this seal would have returned to the water The footage was filmed on March 17.


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