There’s no better example of how porous London’s borders are than TfL’s 107 bus route. It’s a rare, but not unique, London bus route that leaves Greater London during its journey before returning 5.1 miles later.

Its main objective is to link the two North West London hubs of Edgware and Barnet with the Hertfordshire town of Borehamwood, which is in TfL fare zone 6. It also connects Londoners with hospitals in Brockley Hill and Barnet, and several en-route schools that have students living in both London and Hertfordshire.

Although Borehamwood has always historically been in Hertfordshire, the borders around it have changed several times when the county of Middlesex finally became part of Greater London in 1965. There were also minor changes in 1993/4.

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Two individual floors intersect on Route 107 in 2008(Image: David Ingham/CC)

The route serves as a good example of how varied bus transport links can be between London and its nearest cities. A non-TfL bus route, the 615, also linked Borehamwood and North West London until August 2018.

Neighboring commuter town Watford saw one of its TfL-backed routes, the 350, disappear in 2006. For many years a single-decker route, passenger numbers on the 107 grew steadily as the population of Borehamwood also grew. it grew thanks to new housing developments and the inhabitants of North West London. starting price. Passenger numbers increased by around 25 percent in a decade from 2010 (two million) to 2019 (2.5 million), justifying its conversion to two decks, against the trend of other cross-border services in this area.

By contrast, the other TfL bus link across the border from North West London to Borehamwood, route 292 (formerly the northern section of the long-running route 52 from Victoria) has seen its service degraded. Buses on that parallel route currently run only every 20-30 minutes for much of the day, no doubt made easier by the extra capacity on the 107.


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