A botanist and renowned BBC presenter has warned against “poisoning” after being tipped off that M&S ​​was selling daffodils alongside vegetables. James Wong asked the store to train his staff after seeing a photo of flowers being sold in the produce aisle.

He wrote on Twittrer: “OMG my mom sent me this… Daffodils are the most common cause of plant poisoning as people mistake their bulbs (even cut flower buds) for crops from the onion family “.

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He told M&S: “@marksandspencer I don’t want any staff to get in trouble. But he needs better training ASAP.”

BBC Radio 4 regular panelist Gardeners’ Question Time and host of Secrets of Your Own Food added: “Daffodils are full of microscopic crystals, so biting into one is like swallowing a box of tiny needles. Correctly unpleasant.”

Daffodils are “somewhat poisonous” and “irritating to the skin” according to the Royal Horticultural Society . In 2015, Public Health England wrote to supermarkets urging them to display daffodils away from fruit and vegetables so they are not mistaken for food.


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