Angry councilors have called on city leaders to strip former Labor mayor Muhammad Afzal of his honorary titles. “He was not fit” to bear the historic titles bestowed on him after serving as the city’s first citizen, the city’s Lib Dems and Conservatives said.

The calls come after a judge ruled that Mr Afzal, then mayor, had lied about giving away dates to Aston borough residents while unsuccessfully seeking re-election as city councilor last year, and then tried to challenge the reputation of rival Liberal Democrats Ayoub. Khan and Mumtaz Hussain in an election petition he later made.

They only found out when Khan tracked down doorbell footage showing Afzal at the gates campaigning as holiday giveaways were presented, with Labor stickers attached.

Today Mr Khan, a criminal lawyer, said it was time for Afzal to “face the music”.

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He was endorsed by the leader of the Lib Dems group, Cllr Jon Hunt, who said it was “justice time”. He said he has written to the city solicitor of the city council asking what mechanism is available to formally press for Afzal to be asked to resign or lose his remaining functions as life deputy mayor and honorary city councillor.

He also calls for the removal of Afzal’s formal portraits and his name engraved on a board listing the city’s mayors. Cllr Hunt is also pushing for a full independent inquiry into the Labor Party’s electoral practices in 2022, including whether the “giveaways” have spread beyond Aston.


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