Celebrity Hunted has received complaints even before it aired, as fans disagree with the lineup. Channel 4 viewers criticized the show for its scheduling ahead of the first episode on Tuesday at 9pm

FC Monkey said, “Am I struggling to find a celebrity in the photo? I’ve never heard of them!” Kevin said, “Um, I’m getting a bit too far in calling them stars.” Matt posted: “Haven’t heard of any of them… Much better when it’s just the UK public…”

“So where are the ‘celebrities’?” Big Hands said. “I only recognize two anyway, so most would pass me by,” Derby County Collection shared. “I don’t know any of them,” Liam posted.

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“I don’t know any of them so it will be like a team of strangers to me,” said Mark. Trev posted: “Stars? Haven’t heard of any of them!” Nat said, “I don’t have NONE of these, so for once you can catch them all!” Mark wrote: “Did you say Celebrities? I’ve never heard of any of them.”

“I consider myself quite celebrity-savvy and keep up with the celebrity scene,” said another. “Aside from Ed and James, I don’t even vaguely recognize any of these people.

There are comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, Strictly star Katya Jones and former Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller, Corrie actress Nicola Thorp and her actor boyfriend Nikesh Patel, therapists Nik and Eva Speakman, and YouTuber Saffron Barker. , along with TV mathematician Bobby Seagull.


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