Father Brown’s BBC1 world of pretty Cotswold stone, little lanes and a traditional country church can be found in real life just an hour from Birmingham. The filming location for the crime comedy caper is on the Worcestershire border.

The hidden village of Blockley lies between Broadway in Worcestershire and Moreton-in-Marsh in Gloucestershire.

In the photo gallery below, we take a look at this peaceful place of beauty surrounded by the stunning English countryside.

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Immaculate honey colored houses within Blockley

(Image: Google maps)

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Blockley Cafe is the highest rated restaurant in the village, serving food from lunch and lunch to dinner.

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Historic: Great Western Arms pub

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Sheep graze in the field around pretty Blockley on the Worcestershire border

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Beautiful stained glass window in the interior The Church of St Peter and St Paul, used for the BBC programme.

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Historical features are scattered throughout this quaint town.

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Old country and stone lanes in Blockley

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Blockley from afar with the church standing

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Blockley was the location of this filming of Father Brown for The Star of Jacob episode

(Image: BBC)

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Father Brown characters photographed for the BBC show at Blockley

(Image: BBC/Des Willie)