A popular place to visit for locals and tourists alike, The Mailbox offers the perfect place to shop, sleep and eat. Whether it’s Italian or Indian, haute cuisine or a cafe, there’s a mix of places where you can grab a bite to eat in this Birmingham city center destination.

But how hygienic is The Mailbox? Superb from the outside, we went in to see if the same could be said for food hygiene at The Mailbox and The Cube restaurants.

We have listed the most recent food hygiene scores issued by the Food Standards Agency. Food Standards Agency inspections are always carried out by the local authority and the results are updated on the FSA website each time a new inspection is carried out.

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How are places evaluated?

How hygienically food is handled: how it is prepared, cooked, reheated, cooled and stored. The condition of the building structure: cleanliness, design, lighting, ventilation and other facilities.

How the company manages what it does to make sure the food is safe and so the officer can be sure the standards will be upheld in the future.

What do the ratings mean?

5 – Hygiene standards are very good


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