From left to right, Paul Davies, Kate Smith of Slow Food Birmingham and Tish Dockerty Manager of Ludlow Produce Market
From left to right, Paul Davies, Kate Smith of Slow Food Birmingham and Tish Dockerty Manager of Ludlow Produce Market

The initiative came about thanks to a group of volunteers, part of the Slow Food Birmingham group, who wanted to bring locally made products to a new customer base in the city’s Jewelery Quarter.

Members of the Ludlow Local Produce Market hope that their food and drink will be well received in the city. The growers come from within a 30-mile radius of Ludlow, make their own products and sell them at the Castle Square market every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

A volunteer driver is required to come to Ludlow in an electric car to collect items pre-ordered through a special website from Local to Ludlow growers on their market days.

Organizers have selected more than a dozen Ludlow street vendors to complement the existing businesses that serve downtown Birmingham.

Once the items arrive at the center, customers must pick up their orders the same day in the evening.

Tish Dockerty, Market Manager, said: “We just had a trial this month, which included a training session for sellers and their need to set up some web pages which then link to the Birmingham Jewelery Quarter Hub.

“It’s been a really useful exercise that has highlighted a number of things that need attention, but nothing too complex to sort through.”

The hope is that orders and customers will increase over time and that other Shropshire food and drink producers will be able to contribute, including fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Local to Ludlow is a community interest business that promotes the production, sale and consumption of food and beverages within a 30 mile radius of Ludlow with the goal of reducing the environmental cost of food production and supporting the local food economy. The market is also a trading member of the Ludlow and Marches Slow Food Group.

The market strictly adheres to farmers’ market standards, including that the stall owner makes, raises, or grows what they sell within 30 miles of Ludlow. This sets the market apart from others as the product is truly local, originating and using local ingredients, local supply chains and local people.

For more information on the Local Produce Market, visit or contact Tish Dockerty Market Manager 07985218727.


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