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    Rowley Regis man grows nearly 1 foot after brain tumor surgery

    ByMonelo Gabriel

    Mar 21, 2023

    A Black Country man has revealed how he grew over a foot after undergoing brain tumor surgery. Jamie Connolly always thought that his 4ft 1in height was because he was “small for his age” as a teenager.

    It wasn’t until he suffered a seizure while playing a video game at age 16 that he realized his height was due to a slow-growing tumor. Doctors discovered the mass in her brain after an MRI.

    Mr. Connolly, now 35, grew nearly 18 inches in just a few months after the initial surgery in 2004. He underwent three more surgeries over the next decade and is now 5-foot-7.

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    The mental health assistant, who is still living with part of the tumor, said: “I was always small and even when I was at school I put it down as being small for my age. I never imagined it was a brain tumor.”

    “I later discovered that the tumor was growing in a part of my brain responsible for important functions, including development and growth. Despite multiple surgeries to remove the slow-growing tumor, it has left me with changes in my vision and, as a result, I have to wear glasses.

    Jamie Connolly as a young man(Image: Brain Tumor Research)

    “Part of the tumor is still there, as removing it all could have left me paralyzed.” Mr. Connolly decided to share his story as part of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, which falls in March.


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