One supermarket shopper described “customers fighting over the last box of cucumbers” on the first day Aldi and Tesco imposed rationing on some of their fresh produce. The two retailers announced limits on purchases of certain fruits and vegetables on Thursday.

It followed similar moves by Morrisons and Asda, with four major supermarkets now limiting the number of items people can buy on items like peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. The temporary measures are in response to national shortages of some fruits and vegetables.

Bad weather and transport problems in Spain and Morocco have left some stores across the UK with dwindling supplies and empty shelves. And with industry officials warning the problem could continue for a ‘few weeks’, it appears shoppers are growing increasingly frustrated in the aisles.

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One customer claimed that people were “fighting over the last box of cucumbers” within hours of Aldi and Tesco imposing restrictions. Responding to a photo on Twitter showing empty tomato bins in an Asda store, @Joursans said: “At Aldi and Tesco yesterday it was yes we have no tomatoes.

“No lettuce or peppers either. Customers fighting over the last box of cucumbers.”

Fruit and vegetable stocks at the Aldi store in the Hall Green store appeared to be normal when BirminghamLive visited on February 21.(Image: Birmingham Live)

Another Twitter user @__Lolaaxo expressed her frustration after the person in front of her at Tesco grabbed the last pepper. She said: “They’re rationing peppers at Tesco. And the person in front of me took the last (angry face) Brexit smh.”


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