Thomas Campbell was brutally ‘tortured to death’ in his own home. His father was tied up, stabbed, beaten and poured with hot water during the two-hour ordeal.

It goes without saying that no one deserves such a death, despite their criminal past. Reece Steven, one of the three gunmen who ambushed Thomas at his home, will serve at least 37 years for the murder.

At the time of his death, the 38-year-old had recently settled in a posh new-build property in Mossley. He had started a relationship with the ex-partner of John Belfield, an alleged drug dealer who is said to be out for revenge, the Manchester Evening News reports.

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Thomas’ ex-wife of 10 years, Coleen Campbell, conspired with Belfield as the couple sought revenge against their former partners. Belfield is wanted on suspicion of murder.

Earlier this week, Coleen Campbell was jailed for 13 years for manslaughter for her part in the plot against her ex-husband. Belfield is alleged to have been the second attacker and the third is unknown to police.

Thomas Campbell with his ex-wife (Image: Facebook/Manchester Evening News)

Campbell was a convicted drug dealer who was still of interest to police at the time of his death, it was heard in his murder trial. The jury was told: “At the time of his death, there were pending criminal investigations into Thomas Campbell, including on suspicion of assault and drug offences.”


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