Former Walsall Mayor Brian Douglas-Maul who died on 21 January 2023. PHOTO: Walsall Council
Former Walsall Mayor Brian Douglas-Maul who died on 21 January 2023. PHOTO: Walsall Council

Councilors from across the chamber paid tribute to former elected member of the Streetly and Pheasey wards, Brian Douglas-Maul, who died on January 21 at the age of 91, at a meeting on Thursday.

Among them was his daughter, Rushall-Shelfield Councilwoman Lorna Rattigan, who said they would miss her father forever. Family members also attended.

His funeral took place on Friday and the procession halted outside Walsall Council House on Lichfield Street for a few minutes.

Mr Douglas-Maul was born in South West London and the family lived in Yorkshire before moving to the Midlands after he got a job with Birmingham City Council.

He amassed 42 years as a Walsall councilor representing first Pheasey then Streetly and serving on planning committee, fire service and employment tribunal panels before retiring in 2021.

In 2000/21 Mr Douglas-Maul became Mayor of Walsall with his loving wife Jean, who sadly died in 2015, serving as Mayor during her civic year.

Councilor Rattigan said: “I would like to thank everyone on behalf of our family for all their condolences and the kind gesture of lowering the flag, which I knew he would have appreciated as he proudly served Walsall Council as Councilor for Streetly and the Pheasey neighborhood for a total of 42 years, showing dedication to representing neighborhoods and residents.

“The highlight of his service and a special memory was being invited to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Garden Party for his service to the community.

“Mom, (sister) Karen and I were able to attend. She was working in London at the time and it was a truly cherished memory.

“In 2000, it was a momentous year, as not only was it the beginning of a new century, but dad became mayor and mom became mayor. They both enjoyed the year immensely and worked as a team and appreciated the honor.

“Our family remembers how hard they worked in their year as mayor, often going out two or three times a day to attend functions and events.

“In January 2015, Jean, our mom, passed away and dad had lost his soul mate. It was a difficult year for all of us and Dad kept busy with his council duties.

“He attended his council surgeries at Streetly Library on Saturday mornings and weeknight council meetings without fail.

“In March 2018, I became a grandmother and dad became a great-grandfather in Georgia, so we were all thrilled – to see a new generation within our family.

“It was wonderful for our family to hear Dad’s memories from council employees, especially from his year as mayor as he worked with so many people.

“He stood up for what he believed in and was considered old school and a true gentleman.

“His footsteps are difficult to follow. When I had a problem in my area and started a petition, dad said why don’t you run for councilor for Rushall and Shelfield, which I did.

“Dad has supported me with constructive advice that I have used for 12 years and I hope to continue for many more in dad’s footsteps, but I’m not sure if it’s more than 40 years, but I’ll do my best. Dad. We will miss you forever, rest in peace.”

Also paying tributes were council leader Mike Bird, Labor Group leader Aftab Nawaz, current Streetly ward councilors Suky Samra and Keir Pedley, independent councilor Pete Smith, former mayor Angela Underhill and current civic leader Rose Martin.


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