Tried Birmingham’s first ‘park and dine’ chaii restaurant and one meal was amazing

It was the intriguing ‘park and dine’ concept of Chaii Garden that initially drew me to the Delhi-inspired tea room in the Sparkbrook area. But it is the quality of their amazing food that has convinced me that I need to return to this hidden street restaurant in the Balti Triangle.

The restaurant may be named after its Delhi-inspired chai teas, but its edible options steal the show. Chaii Garden also offers a wide variety – from burgers, wings, samosas and nachos to milk pies, cheesecakes, waffles and donuts, there is something for everyone on this vast menu.

The park and dine experience itself was certainly unique. Driving up, we passed an ‘order here’ booth that was unmanned, I guess because it was a calm day, before parking in one of the eight to 10 bays next to the kitchen.

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From here, you turn on your hazard lights to indicate you’re ready to order and a server will come out to your car. We found that we had to wait quite a while in the parking lot to receive our food, about 15-20 minutes total, but to be honest the food was worth the wait so I’m not too upset about the delay in hindsight.

We ordered a Smashed Burger with Fries (8lbs), Glazed Naga BBQ Wings with Fries (8lbs), Two Donuts with Brownie Chunks on Top (3.50lbs) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecakes (4.50 pounds). It seemed to be a really affordable meal, especially considering the quality of the taste.

The Chaii Garden ‘park and dine’ experience

We opted to take our food home to eat and the presentation alone looked amazing. Admittedly, the burger was a bit squashed from the shallow packaging it was placed in, but that didn’t matter one bit by the time we tucked into the feast before us.


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