We don’t need much of a reason to let our hair down in Birmingham, but the city’s first woman as mayor and the promise of a bright future as part of the European Union must have looked pretty good in 1973. So much so, that as many as 100,000 Brummies turned up. they crowded into the streets to see the festival for themselves.

The Lord Mayor’s Show offered an opportunity every year to say goodbye to the old Lord Mayor and welcome a new one. Marjorie Alice Brown was the first citizen of Brum in ’73/’74, and her sight seemed to be a delight.

A parade passed Council House and old-style Victoria Square, that year’s Miss Birmingham took part in the act with her fellow contestants, and there was a strong European theme on display with the floats. Take a look at the photos below to relive just one year of the Lord Mayor’s Show, and comment below to let us know your memories of any of them!


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A float for the former Classifieds.

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A kiss on the cheek for a “Miss Birmingham” finalist, although we don’t know what onions have to do with it.

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ATV’s Angela Easterling and heavyweight boxing legend Henry Cooper take part in the show.

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Get a little European!

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A girl hands a bouquet of flowers to the new mayor, Marjorie Alice Brown.

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A song and a salute from the police in parade.

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‘We Made It Happen’: The float highlights Brum’s enormous contribution to the war effort.

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The important crowd gets the best seats in the Council House.

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A good look at the crowds: Tens of thousands turned out, maybe even 100,000.

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The first woman to be mayor waves to the cameras.

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The old Fire Service takes its turn in the procession.

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The Miss Birmingham contestants enjoy a day in the sun.

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Now that’s a classic car.

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The parade seen from the west side of the old Victoria Square.

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One of Brum’s two great breweries, Mitchells and Butlers, “welcomes Europe” in the year the UK joined the European Communities.

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Touring the city in style.

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There aren’t many things that bring so many Brummies to one place today.

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The European theme was strong this year!

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