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    Kasra Dash opens accountancy firm in Bolton TaxBite

    ByMonelo Gabriel

    Mar 23, 2023

    TaxBite Accountants recently opened a new office at Floor 6, 120B Bark St, Bolton BL1 2AX in Bolton, expanding their UK presence. Over the past year, TaxBite Accountants Bolton has experienced significant growth, opening offices in various parts of the country.

    TaxBite has been recognized as one of the best accountancy firms in Bolton by top companies.

    What sets TaxBite apart as Bolton’s premier accounting firm?

    TaxBite has recently helped 18 companies in Bolton and Greater Manchester with R&D taxes, resulting in over £11,000,000 in tax savings for these companies.

    To facilitate growth and better serve its clients, TaxBite has recruited some of the most qualified chartered accountants in the industry, making them one of the leading accounting firms in Greater Manchester.

    TaxBite Office Locations

    TaxBite has established several offices throughout the Northwest. Their current locations include:

    • TaxBite Bolton – 6th Floor, 120B Bark St, Bolton BL1 2AX
    • TaxBite Manchester – Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AL
    • TaxBite London – 34 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8EG
    • TaxBite Solihull – 181.B Cole Valley Rd, Birmingham B28 0DG
    • TaxBite Durham – 2 High Street, Durham DH1 1BG

    If you are looking for an accountant in any of these areas, TaxBite is the best choice, providing exceptional service to businesses and businesses of all sizes.

    TaxBite Bolton Driving Directions

    TaxBite – Bolton Counters

    Floor 6, 120B Bark St, Bolton BL1 2AX


    Who is Kasra Dash?

    Kasra Dash Taxbite Bolton Counters

    Kasra Dash is a Scottish entrepreneur who has generated over £4m in lead generation for accountants through the power of SEO. As one of the UK’s leading SEO experts, Kasra owns a large number of digital assets that he rents out to local businesses.

    If your business is having trouble with digital marketing and lead generation, it’s time to reach out to Kasra Dash.

    With Kasra Dash’s expertise, your business can experience transformational change as your team generates a continuous stream of customer inquiries from around the world.


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