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    Long-serving Labor councilor takes legal action after expulsion from party

    ByMonelo Gabriel

    Mar 31, 2023

    Hassan Ahmed, who represents the Radford district on Nottingham City Council, was expelled from the party on March 22.

    No reason was given for his expulsion, which can be appealed, but the PA news agency understands that it is because he is an alleged member of Labor Against The Witchhunt.

    The organization, which is banned by the party, campaigns against what it believes are allegations of politically motivated anti-Semitism.

    A party spokesman said: “Hassan Ahmed has been expelled from the Labor Party and will not stand as a Labor candidate in the upcoming local elections.”

    The organization is one of several groups banned by the Labor Party because it goes against its values.

    Ahmed was first elected to the Labour-controlled Nottingham City Council in the 1980s and said he had been a member of the party for more than 40 years.

    Speaking on Friday, he said he would not stand as an independent councilor against Labor in the May 4 election.

    While Mr. Ahmed did not name the reason for his expulsion after receiving legal advice, he said he will take legal action against the party over the decision.

    He said: “I maintain that it is totally unfair and has been carried out without foundation, and I am going to take legal action.

    “We have tried to contact the national Labor Party, but they don’t communicate, they don’t respond to any of our emails, from me and from my lawyer.

    Nottingham City Council has 50 Labor councillors, two Conservative councilors and three Nottinghamshire Independents (Joe Giddens/PA)
    Nottingham City Council has 50 Labor councillors, two Conservative councilors and three Nottinghamshire Independents (Joe Giddens/PA)

    “This is very unfair to the voters in my Radford neighborhood, who elected me.

    “While it is unfair to the constituents, it is also very unfair to the local members of the Labor Party.

    “I have already been selected to run in the upcoming election on May 4, and now, as I understand it, the Labor Party is undemocratically going to impose someone else in my place to contest this election.

    “This is going to be totally unacceptable to local members, and I don’t think local constituents are going to be very happy about that.”

    It is understood that the Local Government Committee has selected a candidate from the Radford district to run for the Labor Party, and the deadline for candidates to apply is April 4.

    Ahmed’s ouster came just days before former party leader Jeremy Corbyn was banned from running as a Labor candidate in his Islington North parliamentary constituency after claiming the extent of anti-Semitism within the party had been “dramatically exaggerated.” “.


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