Parents of an eight-week-old baby born with four complex heart conditions say she’s a ‘fighter’ proving everyone wrong. Haydn Meecham and Sabrina Gallagher were told they could end their pregnancy after discovering problems with their daughter Freya’s heart at a 20-week ultrasound.

She was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital within 24 hours of her premature birth at Royal Bolton Hospital, and her parents were told to “say goodbye” as their newborn was not expected to live. The family is now preparing to bring Freya back home.

But unable to feed without a tube or make a crying sound, Freya’s loving parents will need to provide their daughter with specialized care. “She keeps proving everyone wrong,” said Radcliffe’s Dad Haydn.

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“She is a fighter. She continues to exceed all expectations of her. She is a miracle.”

Sabrina, from Farnworth, suffered a ‘bad pregnancy’ with Freya, going through ‘one thing after another’. After the 20-week ultrasound, the couple were sent to St Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Manchester, where they were told their new daughter would need surgery for a heart condition when she was born.

Haydn and Sabrina with baby Freya(Image: Kieron Meecham)

Haydn, 31, said: “From there they said we had three options: wait and see if it clears up on its own, come back in eight weeks for another exam or we could be done. At that point we knew who she was, we couldn’t.” . Don’t even think about that third option.”


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