After making his substitute debut in April 2021, Scott quickly became a mainstay at Ashton Gate under Nigel Pearson. This season he has appeared 32 times thus far, producing 4 assists. He came to the attention of Bristol scouts when he was 16 playing for Guernsey, after unsuccessful seasons as a child with Southampton and Bournemouth. From there, there has been a steady development through the ranks at Ashton Gate and through the England age groups.

Overall this season, Scott is averaging 5.25 ball recoveries per 90, with 46.7% of them coming in the opposition half of the pitch. He also challenges in 5.95 defensive duels for 90 winning a high rate of 76.5%, showing his tenacity and cunning in defensive phases despite being just 18 years old.

The teenager is currently averaging 7 forward passes per 90 this season, 3.15 passes to the final third, 0.35 assists on shots per 90 and an expected assist rate of 0.08 per 90.

Alex Scott Scout Report

Scott excels in several different positions. In the 2021/22 season, Pearson mainly used the 19-year-old as a right-back. This can be quite common with young players. They are often shoehorned into wider positions rather than pushed to the back of the team’s core. This season, Scott has had the full confidence of the manager in midfield, being signed as Bristol’s pivot midfielder, one of the team’s most vital positions, aged just 19.

Bristol press high up the pitch as Pearson looks to adopt a man-oriented pressing scheme, particularly against a side that uses a pivotal midfielder. Quite often, Scott is instructed to hold his own on the single pivot to block or get in the passing lane to the player.

He is great at getting involved in combined play, especially in the final third, allowing his team to break through the opponent’s defensive block and potentially put a cross into the penalty area. One of the reasons for this is that Scott has a tendency to play a lot of one-touch passes when receiving the ball, often leaving it in the hands of support players, which speeds up the game.

what makes it special

One of the key reasons behind his exponential rise at Bristol, along with his obvious quality, is his versatility. During his nearly 18-month spell in the first team, Scott has been used in a variety of positions, making him a highly reliable squad player.

Not only this, but Scott also knows when to stop marking a man and use his head to find other forms of defense. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to understand exactly what is required of him in each different role within the team structure. If Scott plays like a ’10’, he drifts into spaces all over the field. If he is used in a deeper role, he sits behind the play, looking to make line-breaking passes.

This season he has already played various roles for Pearson’s men. Although he is still at an age where his best position is yet to be determined, early indications indicate that he is effective in every third of the field. In terms of attributes, Alex’s ball skills are exceptional, with his technique standing out as he is very confident in his own skill set.

Alex Scott potential and transfer news

Scott is still very rough around the edges, but even at 18, in a league as tough as the EFL Championship, he sticks out like a sore thumb on the pitch for quality. Watching him play, you see a player without fear, but with real maturity in his game, which is why Pearson has made the teenager a first-team regular.

Still with much to learn and improve, the youngster nicknamed Guernsey Grealish has made great strides towards fulfilling his limitless potential in the last 12-18 months and, as previously stated, he could very well be on his way to a Premier League side. League. in the near future.

However, at 18, there may still be a bit of room for him to grow further in terms of height and peak muscle mass, although the keywords there are ‘can’ and ‘light’.


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