“Bristol County is safer today than it was yesterday with the addition of five new Correctional Officers to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Paul Heroux emphasized the public safety part of a corrections officer’s career recently in his remarks to graduates of the 53rd Bristol County Correctional Officers Academy, his first since becoming a sheriff in January.

“You will keep the public safe. You’ll be keeping your coworkers safe. And it will keep inmates safe,” Sheriff Heroux said. “You have the opportunity to make a difference in many lives.”

The five new officers were sworn in by Sheriff Heroux and received their insignia during a small ceremony in front of family and friends at the Faunce Corner Road Correctional Complex.

The new Bristol County Correctional Officers are Paul Beaudion, Taylor Carreiro, Isaac Falade, Nicolas Lysius and Semiu Sanni.

Bristol County Sheriff’s Office photo.

The eight-week training program begins with a team-building exercise before moving on to on-the-job skills such as defensive tactics, restraint, radio procedures, first aid training and more. Also includes policy reviews, suicide and mental health awareness, and overviews of union issues and benefits.

Academy director Lt. Robert Matos urged graduates to set their sights high as they work their way up the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.

“Find that goal and work towards it,” he said. “Whether it’s to be a supervisor, canine, special investigations or something else. Maybe it’s one day to be in our seats as a member of the training department. Set your sights on it and stay focused.”

Correctional Officer Beaudoin, the class valedictorian with a 96.22 GPA, wished his classmates the best as they embark on their corrections career.

“I wish everyone a long and healthy career,” he said. “I look forward to working with all of you in the years to come.”

The BCSO has some openings at the next CO academy, which is scheduled to begin in late April. Starting salary is $57,000 with additional compensation opportunities such as overtime, incentives, and shift differential. Officers receive a full list of state benefits, including pension and health insurance, as well as paid vacation and sick time. Email [email protected] and one of BCSO’s recruiters will contact you.”


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