Pupils reportedly “turned the tables” during a tense protest at a West Country school. The problems began after leaders at Penrice Academy in St Austell announced changes to student use of the toilets during school hours.

The high school now only allows boys to use the bathrooms outside of classes and girls must apply for red card passes when they are on their period. School heads said it was important to minimize interruptions during classes.

But today (Friday) things reportedly blew up during a protest at the school. Some students are alleged to be “flipping tables”, while someone else was injured.

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A witness told Cornwall Live: “Just to let you know my daughter has just called me to say the protest has gotten out of hand and students are turning tables. Children are not allowed out for break now.”

A parent has also told the school that an ambulance has arrived. Another said: “They broke fences, knocked down goal posts, smashed rubbish bins, kids are running away from school.”

“One girl literally ripped a big clump of hair off the fence trying to climb to use the bathroom and hurt herself badly. I talked to her, checked on her and contacted her parents.”


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