Saturday Night Takeaway viewers were taken aback when Hollywood guest star Toni Collette accidentally cursed ahead of the turning point on the usually family-friendly show. The Australian actress, who starred opposite Daniel Craig in the 2019 film Knives Out, dropped the bombshell at the start of the show during her Saturday Night at the Movies segment.

Ant and Dec later apologized for the swear words, but fans had already seen the actor’s slip up. However, instead of finding it shocking, some viewers took to Twitter to laugh at how out of place and funny they found it.

One fan joked that Toni, 50, was Australian and probably more familiar with swearing than the Brits, while another said a “post-defining moment” version of the show would be “quite interesting”.

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The hosting duo then joked about the accident during another segment of the show, where they show the actual viewers in their homes, who have no idea if they will appear on screen. When the famous couple greets families, it can cause quite a stir, and an exclamation point might not be out of place. But Ant warned the families against it, saying, “Don’t cuss, we’ve had one tonight and we’re not allowed another!”

One viewer took to Twitter to say, “LMAOOOOOO I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE SWEAR ON LIVE TV WHAT AN ADRENALINE RUSH.” Another said: “So enjoyed Toni Colette’s pre-watershed ‘oh shit’ on #SaturdayNightTakeaway.”

“Toni Collette said ‘S***’. Shocking… My kids will never sleep tonight,” another joked. Someone else added: “#SaturdayNightTakeaway you can always count on an Aussie to casually swear at the norm.”


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