Sometimes the best things come in small packages, as is the case at the Bridge Inn pub in Bristol city centre. The interior squeezes just 35 patrons at the tables and around the bar, and music memorabilia lines the walls.

Paul Surridge, 54, has been part owner of the pub for eight years, taking over from Bath Ales, and has been sole owner since 2019. The pub’s history dates back to the 19th century, and it is one of the last remaining pubs in the street – when the nearby St Philips Bridge was built to replace the ferry service, which was subsequently bombed in 1940.

The pub is not to be missed if you walk down Passage Street pronounced by the huge Jimi Hendrix mural outside. Paul worked as a professional musician for years, even landing a recording contract with Universal, and after his band ended, he wanted to find a way to preserve the musical memories he had acquired over the years.

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When asked the reasoning behind the mural of the famous rock guitarist, Paul said: “I wanted a theme for the pub and to include something tangible. My business partner and I were at the time discussing what we were going to put on the front.

One of the many musical posters inside. (Image: The Bridge Inn)

“Bristol is known for graffiti so I thought I’d embrace it and it’s not a listed building. He wanted John Lennon and I wanted Jimi Hendrix. We also had a prop company make our sign, which is a spike, which was laser cut and cost and fortune.”

Inside, there are original copies of Led Zeppelin posters, as well as a Frank Sidebottom head, which was a brilliant Facebook series during the Covid years. This caught the attention of not only the family of Frank’s creator, Chris Sievey, but people across the country who were fans of the cult character.


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