The little traveler Crusoe Newby is less than two years old, but he has already traveled 24 different countries.

Crusoe has been adventuring since he was seven weeks old and has visited four continents with his parents Tara and John, traveling in a converted van.

Named after the fictional castaway Robinson Crusoe, the hero of Daniel Defoe’s 18th-century novel, he had traveled to 11 countries while still in the womb. But the official count of 24 of him has been accumulated since his birth. Their adventure began when Tara and John decided to sell their Bristol home and convert a £3,000 van to travel the world in May 2020.

Tara, 35, says: “Everything we’ve done is beyond my wildest dreams of what life would be like.

“Robinson Crusoe is John’s favorite book of all time because it inspired him as a child to think about a life of adventure. Now we are living that. Knowing that these have been the first years of Crusoe’s life means everything.

Tara, Crusoe and John in Cape Town, South Africa

John, 45, from Oxfordshire, started traveling when he was 19, and has been to 163 of the world’s 197 countries. He says: “As soon as I left school, I knew I wanted more out of life.

“I have slept in the doorways and on the benches and I have gone weeks without eating to see the world. I’ve worked everywhere from Burger King to being a scuba instructor, jobs that have taken me to Antarctica, Madagascar and Tanzania.”


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