A restaurant themed around a single ingredient is a tall order to pull off, but it’s a challenge that the Jolly Hog team is uniquely equipped to tackle. Known for their award-winning British free range sausages and bacon guaranteed by the RSPCA in supermarkets across the UK, these meat experts have created a menu dedicated to a single item of their handiwork, showcasing their delicious versatility.

This weekend, Jolly Hog’s harborside restaurant The Pigsty, which usually serves hot dogs and burgers, is operating a special small plates menu that puts the humble rasher of bacon front and center on every plate. In 2021, pork aficionados wowed Bristol with their pigs in blankets at a Christmas pop-up, and this latest experiment has proven just as popular, as slots for the three-day bacon party sold out badly. early.

There is walk-in availability, or alternatively, you can order part of the limited-edition menu via Uber Eats and have your bacon fix delivered right to your door. But if you can eat, we recommend it, as there’s a celebratory atmosphere at Pigsty as he embarks on his three-day pig feast aided in part by giant gold balloons spelling BACON over the dining room. A refreshing Raspberry Dragon Fruit Sour Bear is also on offer this weekend to help cut the grease from washing up on a few more dishes.

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If a menu dedicated to salt-cured pork sounds a bit heavy, rest assured there are plenty of options available ranging from comforting carbs like bacon-wrapped onion rings and chimichurri-loaded bacon fries to fresh vegetarian entrees. but with meat like corn on the cob, which comes rolled in butter, Parmesan, parsley, and double-smoked streaky bacon.

In the evening, all dishes are ‘share plates’ priced between £4.50 and £9.00, with the larger fare on the breakfast menu, which is not shared, restricted to the early dinner hours . For the adventurous, there are also three dessert options, including possibly the most intriguing item the Jolly Hog brainiacs have invented: ice cream served in a cone of striped bacon.

Embracing the sweet/salty mix, I started with sourdough and an umami-rich sweet butter made with The Jolly Hog black molasses bacon and a vanilla ice cream shake that contained even more molasses bacon, this time shredded and topped with flakes of candied bacon. This turned out to be a winning combination; although the bacon flavor is subtle, it adds a chewy texture to the creamy shake with tasty little bombs of salt.


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