A part of Bristol has been named as the one place where most people don’t think immigration levels are too high, a new survey has revealed. The Bristol West constituency was ranked as the place least likely to agree with the statement that “immigration levels are too high” in the UK, according to a FocalData survey.

In fact, Bristol West, which currently covers everywhere from Clifton to Easton, was the only constituency in the entire country where more residents disagreed than agreed with the question posed to 10,000 people nationwide.

The news comes as a vigil is planned in the heart of the Bristol West constituency, sources at The Center, for the 4,600 unaccompanied children seeking asylum who have been separated from their families and are being housed by the Government in hotels. .

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The vigil takes place for one hour from noon to 1:00 pm on Saturday, February 25 at Cascade Steps, and will be held to remember the approximately 200 refugee children who have disappeared from government hotels, in amid fears that they have been kidnapped to be used as child labor by criminal gangs.

“The UK asylum system doesn’t work: it’s hostile, under-resourced and under-staffed,” said one of the vigil organizers, from the Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers campaign.

“More than 140,000 people are currently waiting for an initial decision on their claim, often sentenced to years of poverty, worry and uncertainty. While they wait they cannot work, put down roots and contribute to society. The cost to the public purse of this delay amounts to £2 billion a year. What a waste of lives and resources! These people are a solution, not a problem. They are our future,” she added.


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