There was a real sense of excitement in Manchester this week, something electric in the air, everyone walking with a light step. Maybe it was the buzz after last night’s concert, or a sense of elation as the sun shone through the clouds over the city streets, maybe because it’s payday weekend for most.

For me, my excitement about coming to town was the fact that something different was happening for Steal Their Style. Our regular readers might have noticed an update on the snaps, as I was joined this week by one of our photographers, Ant, who also has an eye for on-trend attire and attention to detail.

For those reading Steal Their Style for the first time, this is our weekly weekend fashion feature, as the Manchester Evening News hits the city center for some of the coolest and most individual outfits. And there are some fantastic looks and stories behind them.

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As the cost of living crisis continues, I’m seeing more and more people say they’ve moved to thrift shopping to make their wardrobes more affordable and sustainable, while others are opting for designer-looking outfits with a limited budget, opting for the high. street brands and handpicked pieces that look expensive, but cost nothing.

This week, I chatted with concertgoers, Boohoo workers, and out-of-town visitors, asking each one where their style is from and what fashion means to them. And there were some really lovely, thoughtful responses. Here are the top five styles we spotted and how you can steal the style from them.

jimi onamusi

Steal His Style: Jimi Onamusi

In a monochrome outfit complete with a tailored plaid coat, Jimi Onamusi looked incredibly stylish as he strolled down Dale Street. The 26-year-old revealed that he works as a financial analyst for Boohoo, the popular Manchester fashion brand.

Jimi’s personal style is primarily monochrome, with a mix of oversized and fitted styles to accentuate his older model frame.

Her entire outfit cost around £345; Her most expensive accessory was her £100 Vivienne Westwood necklace, which hung over her white T-shirt, which was the cheapest piece of clothing she ever wore. The cheap t-shirt of hers comes from a multi-pack of six from Costco that costs £20, making each individual t-shirt around £3.50.

She added a pair of Arne shoes that cost £90, Uniqlo pants for £35 and a £45 black Zara overshirt under a £90 coat.

Steal His Style: Jimi Onamusi.

He said: “I’m more of a comfort guy. I like things tight, but oversized, which is the style I’m going for. I like to feel relaxed and be able to lunge out of the outfit, but also anything monochromatic.

“Uniqlo is very simple but they do not lack quality and their prices are very good. I prefer when clothes don’t have a brand name but still look expensive.

“I used to be a fit model and I was told I had a good shoulder, so I like a fitted suit or jacket, but I like oversized t-shirts, I like that juxtaposition.”

And some great advice from the Boohoo employee: “Their loungewear is really good, every once in a while I buy their basics like white t-shirts or hoodies.”

Do you want more to steal your style?

Bryony Beetham

Steal Her Style: Bryony Beetham

A wine lover, Bryony was heading down Thomas Street looking for a pub to enjoy a drink or two while visiting Manchester from Lytham. While he’ll always opt for Dr. Martens to finish off a look, the rest of his wardrobe is mostly secondhand finds.

The 35-year-old wore a red and black jacket with a pin on it, for which she paid just £5 on thrift-selling app Vinted. She had worn it over a zebra-print knit dress from H&M, over a black top.

The look was completed with a pair of Dr Marten boots and a matching bag, as well as a lilac beanie from an independent store.

Steal Her Style: Bryony Beetham

Bryony said: “I buy second hand all the time as it’s very expensive to buy new and you can get some really good quality pieces. I love clothes, so second hand clothes are more affordable.

“I always see something I like shopping and go home and then try to find it cheaper on a thrift store. Why spend all that money?

Bryony loves that you can ‘express yourself through your clothes’, and draws inspiration from Instagram and her love of rock music, often opting for a layered look, like today’s, to keep warm.

Kris Stewart

Steal Her Style: Kris Stewart

Who knew Costco was the place to shop for your wardrobe must-haves? Kris also raved about the brand because of his cheap clothes, saying his trousers cost £15 and are his ‘favorite item in the world’ for being cheap and waterproof.

Kris, from Newcastle, had been to the Batushka + Hate concert at Rebellion the night before, and was heading to Gooey with her friends for a piece of French toast.

The 39-year-old paired his cool khaki pants with a jacket from an American company called Creepy Co, while his doom band t-shirt was from the Evil Greed merchandise site.

Steal Her Style: Kris Stewart

She completed the look with a pair of sneakers she got when she left her previous job at a fashion store, as well as a cap from Weekday and specs from Glasses Direct.

He added: “I like to follow the outdoor trend, along with being a bit of a goth, as I was for most of my life. Having previously worked in the industry was also good, so I try to dive into that a bit, and I get a lot of inspiration from the people I used to work with.

“I have a lot of tattoos, since I’ve been doing them for years and it’s just a bit of teenage rebellion that spills over into adulthood, I’ve always strived to be a little bit different.”

Konstantina Mavrommati

Steals her style: Konstantina Mavrommati.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, 26-year-old Konstantina is very into sustainability and saving money, so most of the time she buys used clothes or borrows clothes from her friends.

“I’m quite thrifty and I love to shop secondhand,” she said. “I don’t want to support fast fashion. If I wanted to, I could afford to buy it first hand, but I think buying this way is more ethical and saves money.”

Konstantina looked very ‘Matrix’ in a long black coat she bought for £15 at a vintage ‘bazaar’ near Piccadilly, the same place she bought her £10 flared jeans.

Steal Her Style: Konstantina Mavrommati

Her top was from H&M, borrowed from a roommate, and her belt was a gift, but even her Dr Martens were secondhand, bought at Depop for £60, around a third cheaper than buying new.

She said: “Consciously, I don’t have a reference, but being creative, these images influence me. I’m a photographer and an artist, so see a lot of photos of people and other things that might influence my style.”

Ruben Brailsford-Keegan

Steals her style: Ruben Brailsford-Keegan.

Teenager Ruben was in the Northern Quarter handing in his CV in hopes of landing a job, he said some nice things about his style identity, and I think we should all push ourselves to be a little more Ruben.

The 19-year-old wore a variety of mismatched thrift items, including a yellow jacket that matched his SpongeBob socks and donned the only pair of shoes he owns.

“I don’t care much for shoes, since no one really looks at them. I don’t look at people’s shoes, so why do you need more than one pair?” he said.

Ruben got his flowing jacket and pants from a Blue Rinse kilo sale, combining them with other vintage finds, including his aunt’s knitted cardigan. His girlfriend also wove her headband.

Steals her style: Ruben Brailsford-Keegan.

He said: “I shop anywhere that is cheap, really for the affordability. I started shopping for fabric to try to make a few things too, since I prefer to make my own. I really like Leigh Bowery, who I guess you could say was a drag performer. I like things that are out there and a little outrageous.

“I like everything that is honest. If you don’t try too hard, I think you’re being more honest with yourself.”

And if there’s anything to be taken from this, maybe we should all be a little more honest with ourselves.



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