A new scheme to deliver groceries by robot has been hit by a glitch, with a video popping up of a ‘lost’ robot getting stuck on a curb.

The robots have become a family haunt in suburban Sale after the Co-op scheme in conjunction with Trafford Council and robot maker Starship.

But the scheme has been affected by an initial problem. Video has emerged of one of the robots appearing to “get lost” and then getting stuck while trying to negotiate a high sidewalk on Friday night.

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A spokesman for Starship Technologies, which operates globally, stressed that its robots, which use “artificial intelligence,” were still “getting to know the neighborhood.”

Call center worker Danielle Dennis, 24, sent MEN a video of one of the robots appearing to get into trouble on Ascot Avenue in Sale on Friday night.

His video shows the robot struggling to get onto a pavement, and it sure gets stuck.


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