Lisandro Martínez can’t find the word but actions speak louder than words. He points to the Manchester United crest and pats it.

“We talk here in the locker room, we say everything, we were very strict, we look, how do you say?”

The badge?

“The badge! We say, ‘guys, this is not possible, we have to change this.'”

The knives were out for United and Martinez after the generational low point at Brentford, his second appearance. Martinez, he Butcher – the butcher – sharpened his own blade.

Nine days later, Martinez stormed through Mohamed Salah after 36 seconds, United became the first English team to beat Liverpool in the calendar year and Stretford End had a new cult hero.

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Martinez overcame United’s shield in the last cry on Thursday night. When he approached Sir Alex Ferguson’s stand, at least three Argentine flags were unfurled. Martinez did not realize that previous compatriots of his who donned the United shirt were also greeted with fiery chants of “Argentina.”


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