Have you ever said that you are only looking for a scratch? Or have you been angry with someone? Maybe you need to contact ‘our son’ to tell them that the footy was bobbins.

Take a look at these 10 words and phrases you’ll only understand if you’re from Manchester and see how many of them you use, or just know.

Don’t forget to flatten your vowels and lose your Gs!

1) mint

Pronounced: Min-uh’

Meaning of the adjective: excellent/great/very good

Example: “That movie was really good!”

2) Tidy

Pronounced: Sor-id

meaning: aready thanks

Example: “Yes, it’s fixed, that / Good friend, fixed.”

3) playing

Pronounced: Ming-in’

Meaning of the adjective: Disgusting

Example: “Your dinner looks well prepared!”


4) Distressed

Pronounced: An-gin’

Meaning of the adjective: hangover/ugly/disgusting

Example: “Dude, I drank so much beer I was mad the next day/When the lights came on I was actually mad.”

5) Crazy about it

Pronounced: Mad-fer-it

Meaning: when someone likes something a lot/when someone likes to have a good time

Example: “He’s been out every night this week because he’s mad about it!”

6) Scan

Pronounced: Scran

Noun Meaning: Food

Example: “Let’s go buy some scran, I’m starving.”

7) Buzz

Pronounced: Buzz-in’

Meaning of the adjective: Excited/ecstatic

Example: “I can’t wait to go to that concert, I’m excited! / She is absolutely thrilled with her new hair.”

Robert Wade/Flickr

8) Our son

Pronounced: Arrr-ki-duh

meaning: brother

Example: “I went to the soccer game with our son.”

9) Sarcastic

Pronounced: sni-duh

Meaning of the adjective: bad / underhanded

Example: “Eee ‘r, give our son a piece of your chocolate, don’t be sarcastic.”

10) coils

Pronounced: Bob-bins

meaning: garbage

Example: “Don’t bother going to see that new show, they’re bolillos!”

Because there are too many correct Mancunian words and phrases to choose from, we’ve added a few more here to add to your Manc vocabulary: ‘Proper’ — very/legit, ‘sound’ — good/ok, ‘cob on’ — de mal moody/annoying, city — downtown, ‘mooch’ — a walk, ‘mission’ — a very long walk, ‘manky’ — dirty and ‘leg it’ run.


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