Housing in London has been a problem for a long time. It often seems that no matter what the government and local authorities do to alleviate the shortage, they simply cannot keep up with the ever-increasing demand for housing.

The rental market has been extremely competitive of late, with rising rental costs driven by rising mortgage payments for homeowners due to higher interest rates forcing many renters to seek lower alternatives. affordable.

With so many renters searching for properties, spaces are selling out as soon as they hit the market, leaving many renters nearing the end of their leases facing potential homelessness.

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Several people who need housing on waiting lists are forced to leave London(Image: Getty Images)

In fact, many London boroughs of the capital have become construction sites as more and more skyscrapers aim to provide available space for Londoners to settle.

Still, many people on waiting lists who desperately need housing are offered no choice but to move to public housing outside of London.

Based on data collected between 2021 and 2022, some London boroughs are clearly doing much more than others to ensure more housing is provided for London residents.


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