Spud, Flossy, and Buttons are just a few of the adorable animals still looking for their forever homes. The RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Center has a variety of dogs, cats and rabbits in need of loving homes.

Center staff are committed to making sure that families find the right pet for them, but also that the right family for the animals is found. Having a pet is a big commitment and more information can be found on the center’s website.

Radcliffe Animal Center will also be running a rabbit welfare workshop over the Easter holidays to educate children and their families about responsible rabbits. The workshops are great for people considering adopting rabbits, as the fluffy pets aren’t as straightforward as you might think, making them one of the most abandoned animals in the UK.

There are currently a variety of dogs, cats and rabbits looking for their new family, so these are some of the adorable pets currently looking for forever homes in Nottinghamshire.

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Spud is a nine year old male Jack Russell Terrier who really enjoys human company and is looking for a quiet home with lots of company. He likes to sit on people’s laps and get a lot of fuss and attention.

Potato requires an experienced owner, preferably in terrier breeds, and due to the limited background information collected on Spud, it is recommended that house training may be required. When he goes for a walk, Spud must be on a leash at all times, as he may not like other dogs.

Because of this, Spud cannot live with other dogs or cats, or with children who are not of high school age.

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Flossy is a beautiful adult Cross Angora rabbit who is very fluffy, but sadly she came to the animal center as a stray so not much is known about her history. Flossy would like to be relocated with a neutered partner to enjoy his life.

Due to her beautiful long coat, Flossy will be a high maintenance rabbit and will need regular brushing and possible trimming on occasion. She has a friendly nature, but can be a bit shy.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)

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Buttons is a three-year-old male domestic shorthair cat. He can be very nervous and shy around new people, but once he is comfortable in your company, he is affectionate and enjoys the attention.

Buttons’ ideal new home would be in a rural location, having lived on a farm before, he loves the outdoors. He has an independent nature and likes to hunt.

An experienced cat owner is needed, who understands Buttons’ needs and allows him time to slowly settle into his new home. Buttons can’t live with other cats, but is fine with dogs and high school age children.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)

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Max is an affectionate one year old Lurcher cross Whippet. He can be very affectionate once he has bonded, he loves to play and enjoy walks.

He will need a family with someone home most of the time as he can be a bit loud and anxious when left alone. Max also needs training in all areas, including house training.

Max can’t live with cats or other dogs, but is fine to live with high school age children.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)

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SuSu are Blue are female and male cats, ages two and five, who have a extremely close bond and would like to be relocated together. B.Both Susu and Blue are loving and adorable.

They enjoy human company as well as each other and often snuggle together. SuSu and Blue can be a little shy at first, but they will soon get closer and enjoy hugging.

The couple is happy to live with other cats and dogs, as well as children of all ages.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)

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Bella is five years old. Labrador retriever. She is a lovely bubbly girl who loves attention and meeting new people.

Bella needs an experienced family because of her strength; she needs to continue her leash training and correct and positive socialization with other dogs. She would prefer to have someone home most of the time as that is what she is used to.

Bella has a big heart with lots of love to offer her new family, she is funny and sweet, a happy go lucky girl. Bella can live with high school age children, but she cannot live with other dogs or cats.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)

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Stanley is a ten-year-old domestic shorthair cat. He can be shy around new people and would prefer a quieter home, but he is extremely affectionate once settled.

Stanley likes human company and will sit next to you enjoying the attention. He He has an independent nature and will love the outdoors once happy in his new home.

He cannot live with other cats or dogs, but he can live with children of high school age.

(Image: Radcliffe Animal Center)


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