New businesses that have opened inside the former Ritz Bingo Hall in Ilkeston say the support they have received from the local community has been ‘incredible’. Since , developers Parliament House Limited submitted plans to the Erewash City Council to redevelop the site.

The first phase of the development saw the redevelopment of the vacant commercial area into three separate units. Now three new businesses, The Little Beauty Nest, Forget Me Not and Nene’s Kitchen, have moved into the vacant units and settled into the city without a hitch.

Ilkeston resident Shanine ‘Nene’ Hutchinson, 30, created her ‘dream’ in Nene’s Kitchen. The bar and bistro offers everything from a “drunken brunch feast” to afternoon tea with Nene.

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Shanine first started her journey during lockdown when she created a catering business which took off en masse, leaving her full every day. “I got kicked out of lockdown so I made an afternoon tea for me and my partner. I posted it on social media like you do and everyone said ‘you should do this and sell it,'” she said.

With a background in catering, she decided to start a business. “I did and he went absolutely crazy where there were like six of us in my kitchen. He really skyrocketed from there.”

Initially, Shanine made use of a kitchen and function room space in her friend’s pub. But she was busy every day and needed a bigger unit. That’s when she found the unit in the old bingo hall.


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