Long lines for the opening of the new ‘fantastic’ lego resale store in the city

Crowds gathered at Long Eaton this morning, March 18, as a new Lego resale store opened its doors. The Barn Dawg store in Market Place welcomed its first customers on Saturday, when a crowd of about fifty people lined up from 10 a.m.

The business was first started online at the start of lockdown in 2020 by Barney Nockolds. The 27-year-old turned his passion for Lego into a business in which he began collecting and restoring old Legos and trading them online.

After moving to Long Eaton in December last year, Barney decided to open his first physical store, together with his partner, Nadia Boiko. Barney said: “He’s been really good, there was a crowd of people and the mayor was here at the opening, cut the ribbon and gave a speech.

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“There have been a lot of people and a lot of sets have already sold out.”

So far, the Wall-E set has been the most popular with shoppers, as has the pick a brick bag. The store has a variety of sets from Avatar, Marvel, Star Wars, and GhostBusters.

They even have over 200,000 individual pieces that can be purchased by lego enthusiasts who are missing a piece or need an extra piece.


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