People in Bingham say the area is “desperate” for a new recycling center amid allegations that the county council has broken its promise to provide one. A review is still underway at Nottinghamshire recycling centers after it was commissioned a year ago.

The review aims to make sure Nottinghamshire’s recycling services are “future-proof” and as part of this, many of the councilors representing Rushcliffe say the area needs a new landfill. The only recycling center available to those in Rushcliffe is in West Bridgford, and the center in Langar closed in 2015.

There were hopes that the county council’s recycling center review would recommend the construction of a new landfill at Cotgrave, where a preferred site had been identified. But during a meeting on March 15, a senior adviser said the Cotgrave site was now considered “inappropriate”.

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Councilor Neil Clarke, a Nottinghamshire County Council Transport and Environment cabinet member, told the meeting: “The review of recycling centers is underway and indeed we are already having a lot of discussions (about) the establishment of a new center that will hopefully serve all of Rushcliffe.

“Discussions are underway to try to establish what might be the most appropriate place to have a site. The Cotgrave site, when delved into more detail, was shown to be unsuitable and I have now had a number of discussions and work ongoing with officials to establish a new center.

Results of the recycling center review were expected in January and the delay, along with the removal of the Cotgrave plan, has caused anger among some. Independent Alliance councilor Francis Purdue-Horan said: “The news that Nottinghamshire County Council has made no progress on a recycling center near Cotgrave in Rushcliffe is very disappointing.


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