The February semester in Nottinghamshire has come to a close and as a key opportunity to attract families from across the country, Nottingham Tourist Attractions will now take a hard look at their week’s earnings. But in one of the most internationally recognized venues in the city, it is not the gains that are counted, but the losses.

The start of 2023 provided an unexpected ray of hope in the form of Councilor Pavlos Kotsonis, the man who runs the leisure and culture report at Nottingham City Council. Cllr Kotsonis told a full public meeting that Nottingham could await the announcement of Nottingham Castle’s reopening date in January.

It was certainly welcome news to kick off the new year, given that 2022 unceremoniously ended with the castle’s closure after the trust that managed it collapsed. The failure of the Nottingham Castle Trust led to job losses, deep concern among local businesses and the closure of gates at a site with a history dating back to 1068.

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But while the promise of a reopening date announcement in January was welcome news for the people of Nottingham and beyond, it’s fair to say the promise took many in Nottingham City Council by surprise. As many will have predicted, January has come and gone without a reopening date being announced.

Instead, the only major announcements we’ve received from the council since the castle’s closure have been the ever-increasing costs associated with it. At the time of Nottingham Castle’s closure on November 21, Nottingham City Council said it could be forced to write off £2.68m worth of debts and loans. A loan totaling £1.859 million was made to the Nottingham Castle Trust to help enable its initial start-up.

The council also said it had outstanding invoices for services provided to the trust, amounting to £821,000. As if that wasn’t enough, Nottingham City Council revealed last week how much it has lost in terms of revenue and fees associated with upkeep of the castle.


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