Nottingham councilors have given the green light to a block of flats on a residential street in Sherwood despite 60 objections from residents.

Hockley Developments submitted plans to demolish a former beauty salon on Hucknall Road to make way for a two-storey assisted living block for 11 residents and staff.

However, the Nottingham-based developer, who is also behind the Sherwood Library scheme, faced 60 objections from people living in the area.

Residents of Hucknall Road, Teesdale Road and Weardale Road were notified of the plans in October last year and issues ranging from parking, anti-social behavior and the scheme’s overbearing presence were raised.

Cllr Michael Edwards (Lab), the chairman of the committee, said: “So the questions are, is there enough parking and what are the risks to the neighborhood from anti-social behaviour?”

Planning Officer Martin Hall responded: “Essentially, the parking lot is largely for people who provide support to the residents in this unit.

“In our assessment, the residents themselves are unlikely to own cars.


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