Major supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have faced shortages, while Mark Spencer’s family-owned farm shop was doing brisk business and charging double the price.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables were available at the Spring Lane Farm Shop in Nottingham, owned by the family of Conservative food minister Mark Spencer.(Byline Pictures Ltd.)

Conservative food minister Mark Spencer’s farm shop shows there’s plenty on the shelf if you’ve got the wealth.

While supermarkets were bereft of fruit and vegetable shortages, Mr. Spencer’s family store was a land of plenty.

The green boxes at the Spring Lane Farm Shop on the outskirts of Nottingham were filled with ripe tomatoes, plump peppers and juicy cucumbers.

Ironically, he was out of turnips, the vegetable that his boss, Therese Coffey, suggested as a homegrown alternative to the scarce imported produce.

Mr. Spencer’s store was doing a brisk business, despite charging double supermarket prices.

Tomatoes were £3.99 per kg, cucumbers £1.89 each, iceberg lettuce £1.75 per piece, peppers £6.49 per kg. Broccoli costs £4.49 per kilo and Spanish giant onions £1.79.

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