A Yorkshire mother has raised awareness of a little-known condition after her daughter’s diagnosis was changed.

Helen Leigh was 25 years old when she died in May 2018 after an epileptic seizure. This was just two years after her epilepsy diagnosis was changed to a nonepileptic seizure disorder (NEAD) diagnosis.

Now her mother, Deborah Leigh, is trying to raise awareness about the condition so that no one has to go through the same tragic situation again.

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Ms Leigh said: “She (Helen) was very independent and on the day she died she had just gotten the car she had always wanted and found out she had been offered a job as a phlebotomist for a private practice.

“After her death, the neurologist wrote to us saying, ‘In retrospect, Helen probably had epileptic seizures and NEAD.’

“Well, you can imagine what that was like. I was so angry, and I still am. I think Helen’s death was preventable.”


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