Hello and welcome to our live blog from Paul Heckingbottom’s post-game press conference. The Blades boss has been speaking live from Bramall Lane with his reaction to today’s game against Watford.

After back-to-back defeats against Middlesbrough and Millwall, Sheffield United needed a win to boost their automatic promotion hopes.

And they showed superb character to take all three points thanks to an own goal after Oli McBurnie’s header was turned into his own net by Ryan Porteous.

With Middlesbrough trailing, the gap to third is back to seven points.

This is what the two coaches had to say in today’s post-game press conference.

That’s the best of Heckingbottom

That’s all from the Blades boss and that concludes today’s post game press conference.

Oli seemed to be struggling with an injury, has he done anything?

Is Ciaran Clark not on the bench, is he just tactician, or did he take a hit?

Tactical, you know that I always try to have more forward players on the bench.

Is it good to have Fleck back?

It was good, we don’t expect him to come back to his best, but his last two 90 minutes were Blackburn and Burnley so we know how important he is.

It’s got a good 60 minutes.

How much did the experience help today?

We have that through the team, but when we haven’t had all those players on the field, we come in and we’re around the team and that’s really important, I think having them around the group.

real united effort today

One of the things I like about the job is the responsibility of the people you work with, the players, the staff and the fans. When I’m home tonight, I’ll think about that night we won and we won it for them.

Perfect day with Boro losing

Yes, but it’s going to change. Millwall won again. Luton won again. The gap will not remain the same.

Our closest challenger may not remain the same. It’s gonna be like this all the time

Character on the team typified at the end with bodies on the line defending that last attack

I don’t think we’ve ever had one of those when the bouncer shows up and you have 22 bodies in the box. You hope he doesn’t fall because there’s a chance he might hit someone, but what we did well was ball first and that epitomized our mentality.

Given the six goals conceded in the last two, he needed to stay strong at the back against one of the best forward four in the division.

We changed a bit in the way we chased the ball today and pressed, we committed one less player to give Watford that respect. They have such an athletic forward four. If we had gone like we normally do, we would have left as much space. for them

We got the benefits of that to limit them to the shots they had

Considering the recent results and Boro closing in, how important was it that you got that win?

It’s important because it stops people talking about it, but it’s irrelevant if you don’t get enough points at the end.

It’s just about points, we’re seven points but it won’t stay that way, it will change and we have to make sure we stay at the right end.

Big big win today

Yes, big win. Always say it, it’s 3 points and we don’t get more for that, but it’s a great win. I said in the middle of the week that nothing changed within the group, but I understand that the mentality of the people will have changed outside the group, so it was an important victory.

heckingbottom is here

Blades boss is next

That’s the best of Bilic

That’s the best of boss Watford

Can anyone catch United now?

Middlesbrough lost today. He would say that Sheffield United are in a very comfortable position.

Should you have had a penalty?

It’s a push it’s clear but they told me it was an expected push but it was from behind

When it comes from behind it is foul

If I run like this it doesn’t take a strong push to knock you down if it’s from behind

Expected push, what does that mean? I’m not happy with that it’s a foul

davis chance

One opportunity in 90 minutes is not enough

That’s the disappointment when how many times we were there

Sometimes one chance can be enough, but that wasn’t that kind of game.

The quality is not good enough

That final pass wasn’t close

Absolutely no shots, the stats say eight shots, but considering how many times we were there it felt like nothing.

We were playing against a good team and if they ran over us I would say it’s fine but they didn’t when it came time to kill them we didn’t

game closed, a mistake

Yes, a typical game. We knew we had to be complete here to get a result.

The first part was dealing with their physique and how direct and strong they are, and we handled that well.

We show a lot of effort and determination

The second part was to hurt them and we were doing very well, we kept the ball and frustrated them but we didn’t penetrate.

How many times have we been there attacking with five or six players and not created enough?

Slaven Bilic up first

Watford boss is first

Paul Heckingbottom will be with us shortly

The Blades boss is coming soon, stay with us for his reaction to that win here.

How the players rated

Excellent defense to keep a clean sheet

Oli McBurnie celebrates after a defender deflected his header to make it 1-0 against Watford at Bramall Lane(Image: Ben Roberts/News Images)

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to our live blog from Paul Heckingbottom’s post-game press conference.


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