Danny Malin slams trolls who call his fiancée ‘Meghan Markle from Yorkshire’

Danny Malin has criticized “racist” trolls who brand his new fiancée as “Meghan Markle from Yorkshire”.

Romance quickly blossomed between The Rate My Takeaway star, 43, and her partner, Sophie Mei Lan, 34, after they met in November last year. A month later, she proposed to me. Earlier this month, they announced that she was pregnant with her baby.

The couple even launched their own Youtube channel called Mr and Mrs Yorkshire, where they try out new experiences together.

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Danny said: “We call each other Mr and Mrs Yorkshire as that’s what people called us in the comments. But sometimes Sophie is labeled as Meghan Markle, the Yorkshire version of Meghan Markle. But do we take it as a good thing or do we take it as a racist thing? I don’t know.

“Some of the comments are hitting him like Meghan. She is mixed race but she was born in Sheffield!”.

Sophie and Danny look forward to their new arrival in September (Image: Julian Hamilton/Sunday Mirror)

While most of the responses online have been overwhelmingly positive for the couple, Danny says people have been posting nasty comments about journalist Sophie, calling their relationship “disrespectful.” Like his first fiancée and mother of his three children, Carrie Taylor, 40, died just 18 months ago.

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