A disappointing night for The Steelers as Blaze came from behind in the third period to take both points in a 5-3 road win.

The Steelers had led twice, but the Blaze responded and led 3-2 before Matt Petgrave tied the game.

A late Steelers penalty gave the Blaze the blow, which they did with the power play winning goal being scored with just 28 seconds remaining.


In team news, the lineup welcomed Messrs. Dowd and Latal, but Kevin Schulze was absent for the first time in his Steelers career (due to illness) and Brandon Whistle (lower-body injury).

The first half was action-packed with a goal each for both teams and plenty of penalties.

The first of those penalties was taken by Steelers man Nevalainen in the 6th.he minute while hooking up his man, but the Steelers killed him with no problem.

Blaze then returned the favor with a hook of his own on Scott Allen as he closed in on Blaze’s goalkeeper. Connolly was then clumsily hit on the delayed penalty, but his reaction to the hit also sent him into the box with man Blaze.

The best chance for the power play came late in the two-minute lead when Kristo broke through from the left wing markings and fired over Holsa’s shoulder, only to find the iron off Holsa’s post and the deflection was off. on the wrong end for the Steelers. .

However, the Steelers were on the board shortly thereafter at (11.53) when Petgrave was quickest to jump over a loose puck in front of Holsa and saw Pitule at the back post to slide the puck in and Pitule made no mistake with the final.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, Blaze struck back with a power play from Owen at (13.29) after Dowd was sent into the box for hooking his man while looking to pick up the stick. Blaze sent the puck into the danger area in front of the blue paint and Quince pushed the puck home.

The rough stuff then started to escalate on the 17thhe minute when Vallerand left his stick on Holsa, catching his mask which Halbert objected to and led Vallerand onto the ice. McNally came in to defend his teammate, only to be brought onto the ice from behind by Norrish. McNally looked for a reaction from Norrish, but he showed no interest in dropping his gloves and all four were sent into the box to cancel minor roughing penalties.

Goalless in the second half despite three more penalties for the Blaze and one for the Steelers.

The first penalties that come together in the 23rdrd minute when Nevalainen fired the puck out of the box as he made a trip from Tallberg and both were sent into the box.

The Steelers’ bench was not happy because they argued that Nevalainen only forced the puck out of the game due to the travel on the play.

Sheffield thought they were due another penalty soon after when Ciampini took a high stick from Yellow-Horn, but it was not called on the play.

The Steelers had the best chance of the period up to that point when Dowd and Latal broke 2-on-1, but both ended up on the same wing and tied. Latal sent the puck into Holsa’s crease, but Dowd couldn’t finish.

The Blaze then took penalties through Johnston for interference and Halbert for a high blow on Kristo in his own zone when he put his glove on Kristo’s face.

It was the second time on the night that he had hit the iron on Johnston’s penalty as Ackered fired in one of his trademark shots from the blue line and a little touch from Dowd was enough to find the top end of the post.

Coventry had their best chance to end the period when Halbert came out of the penalty box and jumped on a stretched pass behind the Steelers defense to go one-on-one with Greenfield, but the Steelers keeper did well to save and hold his momentum on the right side of the goal line as the teams headed into third with one goal apiece.

The goals came in the third period, but not to the Steelers, as they were outscored four goals to two as the Blaze emerged victorious.

The Steelers’ second goal came on a power play early in the third period at (41.43) after Kuqali was called for stumbling; another signature blue line effort from Ackered Street when Holsa was thrown by Dowd and hit low.

But, like the first, the Blaze struck back immediately at (43.34) through Tallberg, who latched on to a pass through center ice to escape and danced around Greenfield to score.

Two escapes, two goals from the Blaze in just over a minute at (44.47). Petgrave called for Kristo’s pass at center ice, but Curran intercepted the Blaze and scored on Greenfield five holes. The Steelers came back strong and the equalizer was found via Petgrave at (52.55) with a great blast from the blue line straight from an Allen head-to-head victory and found nothing but net.

As the game appeared to be heading into overtime, Danny Kristo slid completely into his own zone and left his stick on Halbert and sent his man onto the ice and sent into the box for the offence.

Blaze took full advantage at (59.32). Greenfield with the initial save on the shot from the blue line, but Frantti picked up the rebound and shot into an empty goal.

Coventry then sealed the deal at (59.58) courtesy of a Tallberg goal into the empty net.

With the Devils losing to the Panthers tonight, the Steelers missed a chance to move up to third in the league and remain in fourth place.

We take on the Coventry Blaze again tomorrow night as we head on the road for an away game, before returning home next Sunday after a trip to Nottingham to face the Manchester Storm. I see you there!


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