Snow is forecast for the UK next month, with forecasters warning there is a chance of “severe cold weather”.

A WX Charts map shows much of the nation will be affected by snow on March 11, including parts of Yorkshire such as Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Sheffield. On the map, snow is represented in different shades of purple, depending on the amount of snow that falls per hour.

The Met Office has also said that snowfall was most likely between March 10 and March 24. Concerns persist over another “Beast from the East”, a winter storm that caused unusually low temperatures and widespread destruction in February 2018.

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A spokesman for the Met Office said that while the chance of such a weather event occurring at this time was relatively low, they were not ruling it out entirely. They said: “We are going with around a 25 per cent chance of severe cold weather hitting the UK as we move into the first half of March and that carries the risk of some snow, which could be dangerous.”

“But the most likely outcome is that it won’t be as bad as the Beast from the East, but it’s not something we rule out. It’s a possibility, but it’s one of many.”

On Saturday March 11 much of the nation will be hit by snow(Image: WX Graphics)

Your long-range weather forecast for March 10-24 also predicts periods of rain or snow. It says: “In this period, spells of rain or snow are more likely than at the beginning of the month, with a low probability that some winter episodes could be disruptive, although areas in the north-west are more likely to experience the driest conditions.


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